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What is your policy on iclement weather or closings due to outages or water shutoffs?

In case of inclement weather tune in to channel 4 WYFF for information on closings or delays. No allowances or tuition credit will be made for holdiay closings, inclement weather closings or any circumstance which is/was beyond our control.

Can I bring in a treat for my child’s birthday?

You may provide a treat for birthdays and be asked to furnish good for themes or holiday celebrations. If you wish to bring a special treat for your child’s birthday, please make prior arrangement with the teachers. They will know the number of children in the class and any food allergies that must be considered. Due to some severe allergies we are a peanut-free school. Please do not bring any treats or snacks containing peanut products or peanut butter.

What is the sign-in policy?

A Parent or Guardian or Person authorized by them must sign the child in and out each day. Any person picking up a child from this program must be named on the pickup authorization form and provide identification upon request. Children will only be released to those person listed on the pickup authorization form. The authorized parent or guardian may update the form at any time by contacting the staff in person or in writing. If necessary, changes may be made by filling out a new form.  

Can my child bring special toys into the classroom?

SCA provides all the necessary materials for our program; your child does not need to bring in anything. Each child does have a cubby to keep personal belongings in; however, we do not recommend sending in special/expensive toys with your child—these have a tendency to get lost or broken. Although we try to monitor children’s belongings, our main concern is the safety and engagement of our students; we cannot guarantee the security of any child’s belongings and will not be held responsible for lost or damaged items.


What is served for lunch?

Menu's are posted on site at the campus each week. We aim to serve hot and nutritious well rounded meals.

When is tuition due?

Monday morning and is past due after Wednesday at 2pm of the current week.

What should I bring on my child's first day?

Under age 2: Diapers or pull-ups, wipes, ointment, blanket, 2 changes of clothes, 3 bottles or sippy cups labeled with your childs name. 

Older than 3 : 2 changes of clothes, blanket, and pillow for naptime.

What if my child becomes ill?

If your child becomes ill at school, the classroom teacher will separate the child from the group and make him/her comfortable on a mat while we notify you to pick him/her up. Please keep your emergency contact numbers updated so that you may respond as quickly as possible to the needs of your child. Children may return to the program after being symptom and fever free for 24 hours. Please do not send a sick child to school. If a child arrives with symptoms of illness, the child will not be permitted to stay. Please notify us if your child becomes ill and will not be attending that day. We ask that parents notify us when their child contracts a communicable disease. The preschool will notify all other parents about any communicable disease outbreaks (This does not name the child involved just the classroom to indicate highest exposure). A child will not be permitted to attend preschool when he or she has vomited or had diarrhea during the previous 24 hours. 


What if I am late picking my child up?

If a parent or authorized person is late in picking the child up, a late fee of $1 for every 1 minutes past 6pm will be applied. If a child is consistently picked up late the school may take further action.


What should I do if my child cries when I leave?

Most children calm down in the first five minutes after their parent leaves. If you say your good-by to your child and would like a report from us just stay in the hall, your car or give us the number where we can reach you and we will be glad to report on your child’s behavior for the first few days. Anxiety also applies to children going through difficulties such as, but not limited to: nightmares, death in the family, divorce, illness, new baby, or simply a change in routine, etc. Please notify us of any changes in your child. All information is kept confidential.


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